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Her Accidental Angel

Title:  Her Accidental Angel
Author: Melisse Aires
Review Rating:  3
Reviewed by: Ebony Dreams
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press

Release Date: March 2011
ISBN: 9781601684042

Book Genre: Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance

Blurb:  Kari thinks a weight loss spell in an old book is worth a try. Unfortunately, while it does make her thin, the spell is a trick that unleashes a centuries old famine demon.

Fallen Guardian Angel Rahmiel once defeated the famine demon and was bound to it so he could fight it if it ever descended to the earth again. But there is the little problem of his imprisonment in ice.  While the demons reappearance gets him back to Earth,  what he needs to stay out of prison is a bonding ceremony with a human woman–like Kari.


Wow. I have to say that this book gives a whole new meaning to the mile high club. Sex on the edge and in the arms of an angel no less. The main characters are the hero Rahmiel and the heroine Kari. 

Rahmiel is an angel that was imprisoned in ice for 8000 years and Kari is a human female who was overweight and manages to get a hold of a spell that is supposed to make her thin. I don’t want to give away too much of the story but in performing the spell Kari does become thin but she manages to also summon a powerful demon and free Rahmiel from his ice prison.

Enter Hero, stage left. Rahmiel is sexy as sin (if that is even possible for a Angel, and in this case, it is). Rahmiel comes into the picture as her savior and in doing so he is also freed from his prison of ice. The sexual tension between the two is high and rises even higher as the book goes along, setting up a great tease and please. The characters in and of themselves are likable and together they become loveable and you want to see the relationship they have developed to succeed. I do feel though that the book could have been a bit spicier, though I am thinking perhaps that was part of the plan for the author to keep you wanting more.

The world building was wonderful, because I feel that the author spared no detail so basically you could actually see that world. The dialogue in the book flowed easily and made for a light read that didn’t get you all bogged down in different terminology. It also begs the question, will there be a sequel? The author had enough background things happening to make you want to continue reading. 

The only issue I think I had with the book was the whole take on Kari having lost the weight and struggling with eating. Perhaps that’s because it’s my own issues with that subject coming. But that makes Kari more real than fantasy, right? As well as making it easier to relate to her.

All in all, I give the book 3 stars for its originality, issues and spice.

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About the author


Nikki Prince is a mother of two, who’s always had a dream to be a published author in the romance genre. Her passion lies in raising her children as readers, gaming, cooking, reading and her writing. Her mother can now breathe easy about the child who used to get in trouble because she was hiding books everywhere and reading when it wasn’t appropriate.

Nikki’s a multi-published author with several epublishing houses. She loves to write Interracial romances in all genres, but wants to let everyone know to not box her in, because there is always room for growth.

Nikki’s also a member of Romance Writer’s of America National chapter (http://www.rwa.org) and OCC/RWA local chapter (http://www.occrwa.org) and is a member of the board as Co-Programs Director. She is also a member of the online chapter Passionate Ink RWA, The Beaumonde RWA, and the Rainbow Romance Writers (RRW).

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